our warehousing has a full
inventory of flexible services.

Our full range of warehousing services include inventory control, item verification, product labelling, and split container and full container processing. All of our warehousing services can be fully integrated with our Transportation, Customs Brokerage and our new White Glove In-Home Delivery Service. As a result, our customers can focus on their retail space while we take care of their supply chain.

inventory control

As a Canada Customs bonded facility, we
ensure supply chain integrity with inventory
control measures. We also give customers
access to multiple distribution channels,
including direct to retailer or direct to home.

container receiving

Our container services include verifying product items, checking for damage and product labeling. We ensure proper handling of your furniture during the unloading
process to minimize damage and ensure quality control through product sampling
and verification. We also maximize efficiencies by bringing full containers close
to multiple destinations.

split container

Our split container process allows
“shared containers” to be unloaded at our
facility before shipping products to
multiple destinations. This lets smaller customers benefit from full container shipment programs.

quick ship programs

We receive and warehouse products for quick ship programs. This service is ideal for new
and best-selling products since it allows customers to take advantage of quick ship programs that deliver directly to customers in nearby markets.