expert customs brokerage service
for smooth crossings.

years of experience
at the border.

Importers and exporters can expect
smooth bordering crossings with our
Parkview Customs Brokerage. Our goal is
to simplify the complexity of the Canadian
Border Services and other affiliated entities
by providing expert service and guidance.
Parkview is highly experienced in the
intricacies of importing and exporting fine furniture.

quality & compliance
you can trust.

Parkview uses the latest Customs release
initiatives to expedite the clearance process
and communicate clearance status with you
and your suppliers. Their focus on quality
and compliance ensures your shipments clear
customs quickly and efficiently.

specialized knowledge
to ensure compliance.

Parkview’s versatile customs experts
can assist you with NAFTA compliance, tariff
classification, valuation, duty/tax recovery
and many other topics that often
require specialized knowledge. They will
also help you conduct and/or comply
with compliance audits by reviewing and
submitting the required trade data.